[How to enable Flash video playback in Google Chrome browser]


1.      Navigate chrome://settings/content/flash in Google Chrome browser.

2.      If current setting is “Block sites from running Flash”, change the setting to “Ask first (recommended)”.



3.      Add [*.]hkerouting.gov.hk , [*.]hketransport.gov.hk and [*.]td.gov.hk in “Allow” list.

4.      Restart Google Chrome browser.


[How to enable Flash video playback in Microsoft IE browser]

1.      Click ”” button from main menu of IE browser;


Select “Manage add-ons”;


3.      Ensure below 2 items are selected by default:

(a)   ”Toolbars and Extensions” should be selected under ”Add-on Types”


”Currently loaded add-ons” should be selected under “Show”


4.      If Status of Shockwave Flash Object is “Disabled”, please click ”Shockwave Flash Object” once to highlight it, “Enable” button will be shown at the bottom right hand corner of current window.


5.      Click “Enable” button to activate this function, the Status will become “Enabled” now.

6.      Restart Microsoft IE browser.